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Emily Thun

Camping trips and adventures to countries all over the world were a frequent occurrence throughout Emily’s childhood. As a teenager, she had the opportunity to backpack around South East Asia with her parents, and has, more recently, backpacked on her own throughout Europe. Having gotten a taste for adventure from such an early age, Emily is already preparing for her next big trip!

Throughout her travels, Emily had the chance to experience many different cultures. Each trip furthered her passion for people and tendency to try new things, making her an ideal fit for our team.

Emily graduated university with a dual-degree in psychology and linguistics, and has always been passionate about people and quality customer service.

When she’s not in the office, you can find Emily enjoying creative pursuits of all kinds, including playing the ukulele, swing dancing, painting, or being active around the city.

Chris has traveled much of the world and immersed himself in many different cultures. He has traversed the country-sides of Europe, Australia, South America and South East Asia. Wherever his travels take him, he always looks forward to returning home to the wild and beautiful scenery of his backyard.

Although Chris is a talented professional and takes his work seriously, he is also a devoted father who believes family should always come first. He enjoys sharing his love of the outdoors with his kids and hopes they will one day join him in all of his outdoor adventures. Hiking, golfing, snowboarding, camping and biking are a few of Chris’s favorite activities.

Chris has impressive hospitality and tourism experience and believes that anyone can become successful. He places equal importance on working hard, taking time to have fun, and being kind to others.

Jordan is an adventure-loving traveler who loves visiting exotic locations and meeting interesting people. He grew up in a small town and learned the value of hard work and perseverance as a young child. Prior to receiving a university education, he worked in trades and spent his winters as a ski instructor.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree, Jordan put some time and money aside so that he could experience his dream of traveling the world. He crossed Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand, Nepal and China off his bucket list before finally returning to his homeland.

Jordan’s background in coaching and his impressive customer service skills make him a natural addition to our team. When not helping others, Jordan takes every opportunity to conquer ski slopes, hike colossal mountains and enjoy sushi with friends.

Michael is a passionate event solutions expert, with a background in tourism, entertainment, and hospitality. His experience working in each of these fields have given him a sincere love for customer service and exciting team building events.

Previously, Michael spent eight years traveling the world, exploring new places, and going on some incredible journeys. From climbing the mountains of Europe, to diving off the beaches of Mexico, to trekking across the glaciers of Alaska. Each new experience helped to give Michael a bigger appreciation for everything life has to offer.

Now that he has settled down, Michael enjoys being able to spend more time with his wife and dog. In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports like ping pong, golf, dodgeball, volleyball, and football.

Anthony finds great enjoyment spending time with his large Italian family and traveling the world. When he is not using his impressive customer service skills to build strong relationships with customers, he can typically be found chasing his next crazy adventure.

Anthony loves to absorb himself in activities that get his adrenaline pumping. White water rafting, bungee jumping, zip lining and bob sledding are just a few of the extreme activities he has tried. One day, he hopes to strap on a wingsuit and experience the thrill of sky diving.

Anthony is filled with passion and excitement for life. Through traveling the tropics, planning social events and being an adrenaline junkie, Anthony is an energetic part of our team.

Bryan attributes much of his success to his hard-working family. He learned much from his parents about personal work ethic and responsibility at a very young age. His entrepreneurial father helped him develop important cooperation and communication skills, while his mother taught him values that would help him become the esteemed professional he is today.

Never one to look for a handout, Bryan has paved his way to success through hard work, passion and commitment. He also makes time in his busy life for outdoor fun and adventure. Cycling, scuba diving and snowboarding are just a few of his favorite outdoor hobbies.

Jordan is the epitome of positive thinking and makes it a point to wake up smiling each morning. He is constantly looking for the good in life and takes advantage of every opportunity to develop his skills and learn new things.

In 2010, Jordan had the unique honour of training thousands of volunteers for the Winter Olympic Games. He has also used his natural leadership skills to organize sports tournaments and cycling races.

Jordan constantly focuses on the simple things in life, such as playing with his son, excelling at his job, enjoying a cold beer and playing golf in the warm summer sun. His optimism and charisma are infectious and make him an invaluable part of our team.